Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

60 minutes

Dr. Joshi likes to focus on the family unit and will ideally meet with the parents and the patient during the initial visit.   She will ask multiple questions related to what brought you to her office and some that may seem unrelated but that are still important to make a complete differential diagnosis. For some cases this may take two separate appointments because she wants to really understand the problem and make the best possible recommendations. She will also get your child's weight, height, blood pressure and pulse and get a thorough medical history. At the end, she will discuss her assessment and treatment plan.  This will include a working diagnosis, any diagnosis that we are considering based on symptoms and also what information we may still need to gather from other physicians, therapists or teachers.  She will then make recommendations for treatment which may include things such as medications, referral for individual and/or family therapy and/or parent training classes.  Dr Joshi does not do therapy other than supportive and psychoeducation.

What to bring with you to first appointment: 

Parents or guardian should accompany the child. If a person other than the child's guardian accompanies the child, a notarized letter from the parent/legal guardian authorizing this person to bring the child in for treatment will be required (this applies to step-parents unless legal custody has been given).  Parents and legal guardians will be asked to show identification.

If the child's guardians are divorced, please show evidence of custody before services are provided to the child.

Bring new patient packet and medical history which you can print out or request prior to the appointment.

If applicable, please bring copies of any psychological or psychoeducational testing, any written feedback or records from teachers, counselors, therapist, pediatrician, psychologist or psychiatrist.  

If currently taking medications please bring the bottles with you.

Psychiatric Follow Up Visit

20-30 minutes

Depending on the nature of your chief complaint, the age of your child and number of treatment modalities, the follow up visits range between 20-30 minutes.  If your child is on medications we will discuss how the medications are working, side effects and ongoing goals for treatments.  Additionally, we may do brief supportive, cognitive or behavioral therapy or techniques.  Dr. Joshi may meet alone with the patient and then with the patient and parent/guardians.  She will constantly be working with you to reassess and evaluate our diagnosis, symptoms and treatment plan.  Please be sure to bring any teacher feedback, rating scales or other new pertinent information with you.  Dr Joshi does not do therapy other than supportive and psychoeducation.

Medication Refills

To request a refill please call or email us at with patient's name, date of birth, medication name and full dosage details, as well as pharmacy phone number.  For controlled substance refills, we recommend you call or email our office at least one week ahead of time to avoid delays.      ​


Any cancellations with less than 24hours notice or no shows will be charged upto a $100 fee.